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2022 Board Member Application



Welcome to the 2022 Board Member Application.

We are seeking a new board member to add to our Champlin Park Fastpitch Association Board of Directors. The positions are a 3-year term. The specific accountabilities will be determined during the November board meeting.


Joining the board is a great opportunity to help grow the program. Over the past year, we have heard some good ideas on things that people would like to see done. By joining the board, you can assist in helping make some of those changes and work to make the experience for the girls the best it can be. It is also a fun way to see how the Association works and get to know a lot of parents at all levels.


Board member level of commitment:


  1. Attend a monthly board meeting, typically the 2nd Monday of each month
  2. Help in Association events such as clinics, tryouts, tournaments, and league games
  3. Help promote the Association in the community

To be considered, please complete this application. Once we receive all applications, the board will vote for who they feel is best to represent our association as a member of the board. We will contact new members prior to the November board meeting and will then post on the website. Please reach out to a current board member if you have any questions!


Please direct questions to:

Angela Downing